President Duterte Finally Releases 3rd List Of 1000 ‘Narco’ Personalities

Just recently, he has release the third list of the 1000 individuals in illegal drugs, some of which are congressmen, mayors and even barangay captains.

The President is determined to track and expose all the narco-politicians in the country. The final announcement of the list was held in Camp Tecson in San Miguel during the President’s last visit. Duterte said that he was disappointed on finding out that many of the people involved are politicians.

President Duterte has ordered the PDEA to do a deep examine on multiple congressmen and mayors that are included in the list to confirm their possible involvement in illegal drugs.

The Duterte Administration has been very aggressive when it comes to take action in their war against illegal drugs. With Duterte’s eagerness to deliver on his promise, the existing list of narco-politicians is a step forward towards achieving onr of his primary goals as the country’s leader.Source: SocialTrendsPH

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