Things You Should know about the New Zodiac Sign Ophiuchus!

People over the internet are getting crazy about how NASA “changed” people’s zodiac. Some are happy about their new zodiac sign but most of them are actually getting mad about it.

The so called addition of another zodiac sign named ‘Ophiuchus’ had caused quite a lot of adjusting and is apparently making people get confused on their identity.

But this actually isn’t the right term for it. NASA never changed anything with people’s belief in astrology. Whether or not do we believe it, Ophiuchus has always been there but was disregarded by astrologists.

Scientifically speaking, the Earth is of course revolving around the sun and our sun actually does travel throughout the galaxy.During this travel, the sun passes through a lot of constellations including Ophiuchus itself and was acknowledged by the Greek for more than thousands of years ago.

Ophiuchus wasn’t given so much of a spotlight because although it is quite large, it didn’t really steal the show too much unlike the other constellations that are burning bright.

In fact, there aren’t only just a few zodiac signs, with Ophiuchus being only “recently added” but there should actually be about 21 zodiac signs if astrologists were to consider other constellations.

So again, NASA did NOT change your zodiac signs because of a new constellation but rather, enlightening people about the not so known constellation who has long been trying to stand out.

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