Truth Behind President Duterte’s Statement on Mary Jane Veloso’s Execution REVEALED!

After several news portals reported that Indonesian President Joko Widodo announced that Duterte allowed their government to proceed with the execution, it appears that the translations of Widodo’s statement were skewed on social media.

Widodo’s statement came out as “And I said Mary Jane was bringing 2.6 kilos of heroin and (I told him) the story about (what) the previous postponement of her execution. President Duterte at the moment conveyed, “Go ahead, but I do not want an execution..”

They believe that Widodo’s statement was misheard by the media, causing confusion and then reporting that Duterte gave the go signal while in reality, he didn’t.

The Department of Foreign Affairs also clarified Widodo’s remarks and said that President Duterte did not give a go signal for Veloso’s execution.Duterte only said that the Indonesian government should “follow their rules” regarding Veloso’s case. The family of Veloso is still hoping that she is spared from execution.

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