VIRAL: TV Host Bianca Gonzales Has Once Again Slammed President Duterte. MUST READ!

Now just recently, the TV host has once again criticized the president due to his controversial statement regarding a sensitive topic and has been garnering attention all over the internet world.

The controversial statement was all about the president’s recent speech held last Wednesday, August 31 at Davao City when he went to a gathering with religious groups.

The president said on his speech and I quote “Mabuti hindi ako nasali doon, eh di ngayon naging bakla na ako“. The said statement caught Bianca’s attention then she voiced out her opinion regarding the issue via Twitter.

It can be recalled that according to Duterte, he was sexually harassed by a priest during high school days. However, this is not the first time he collided with the Catholic church, back in 2013 while he was still the Davao City mayor, he has some strong words against the Pope but then later apologized about his cursing.
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