Actress Agot Isidro on President Duterte: ‘May kilala akong psychiatrist, patingin ka na’

Her post was straightforward to the President, expressing her thoughts and opinions regarding the President’s decisions for the country.

She posted a status on her personal social media account whereas she expressed her disappointment towards the President.

The actress is a known activist that is against Extra Judicial Killings and Degrading Women, which happens to be some of the issues attached to the president himself.

She said that it is a bad idea to detach ourselves from the United Nations for it will bring forth hunger to the Filipinos.

“Ayaw namin magutom, mag isa ka nalang. Madami na ngang hindi nakaka kain, gugutumin mo pa lalo.”

She also criticized the president for his sudden decisions for the country, saying that it is no longer normal nor a disorder.

“May kilala akong psychiatrist, patingin ka na. You are not Bipolar, you are a psychopath.”


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