Andi Eigenmann’s Given Statement Against Issues: “I do not require validation from anyone”

Andi Eigenmann has been undoubtedly in numerous issues as far as anyone could remember. She has been facing a lot these past few months and has been striving hard to keep everything as they should especially with her child by her side. 

Amidst all the issue, Andi seemed to be just as strong or even stronger than she previously was. Everyone had witnessed her growth as she turned into an inexplicably grown woman who can make her own path in life. 

 According to her latest IG post, the caption says it all. That Andi isn’t afraid of anything that gets in her way, be it people of problems. She is definitely back on track and will stop at nothing. Her bravery is something to look upon especially at the times she once went through.

I have endured, I have been broken, I have known hardship, and I have lost myself. But here I stand, still moving forward, growing even stronger each day, guided by the constant blessings in my life. I guess this means I’ve been doing something right. I do not require validation from anyone, specially those who do not know my story– which is why I have nothing to explain. I don’t mind those who misunderstand me for they are proof that I have actually stood for something in life. I, just like any other human, will determine my own story, not anybody else. What this last obstacle has taught me is that you can’t touch women who can wear pain like diamonds around her neck. Photo taken from the last #FujifilmLifeStylePhotofest by idol @jaycontr3ras. Salamat boss!🤘🏻#sanhingtrapik outfit styled by @janaranilla
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