Cedric Lee Faces Kidnapping Charge Filed by Vina Morales!

According to a report from ABS-CBN, Morales revealed the information during a rehearsal for her concert. She also filed an illegal detention case against her former boyfriend.

Morales stated that Lee has violated court ruling regarding visitation rights after detaining their daughter in a span of 9 days, from May 13 to May 22. The accusations have since been denied by Lee by saying that it was all a ‘lie’, filing libel charges against Morales as a counter-act.

He said “During the days I was with Ceana, my lawyers were constantly in touch with her lawyer and family. They knew when I was going to take my daughter home,” He then added “Ceana was not traumatized while with me and spent time with her siblings and family. We have photos and videos during this time.”

Morales emphasized Lee’s “bullying” after the latter framed charges and threatened arrest if not granted visitation rights from their daughter.

Lee’s legal troubles continue after famously being apart of accusations of attacking and blindfolding actor Vhong Navarro way back in 2013.

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