Israel Ambassador Accepts Duterte’s Apology: “We Know It Was Not Intentional”

The statement of President Rodrigo Duterte has again gathered the attention of people. It was when he made referrence of Adolf Hitler with the Jews as him and the drug addicts. 

During the synagogue, the President expressed his sincere apologies regarding the wrong manifestation of his statement. He claimed that he never did intend to disrespect the jews that were victims of the holocaust long ago. 

The Israel ambassador told the press that even before, they already know how the President is, and in that manner they know that whatever he did was never intentional. 

“He expressed his respect and affinity to the Jewish people and Israel, paying homage to Prime Minister Netanyahu and his desire to strengthen ties with Israel,” says the ambassador. 

Philippines and Israel has long before become friends due to the similar case. Quezon has welcomed thousands of Jews in their sanctuary when they fled from Germany to escale the devastating treatment of jews by then. 

Israel has given back their token of gratitude by granting the Philippines a visa free pass to their country that is highly respectable and also mor opportunities for the Filipinos residing.

“Pls accept my apology, it will never happen again. We will remain friends,” Pres Duterte to the Jewish community @ABSCBNNews

— sherrie ann torres (@sherieanntorres) October 4, 2016

source: news.abs-cbn

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