MUST WATCH: Mareng Jessica Lashes Out and Critizises Senator Leila De Lima

Senator Leila De Lima’s recent antics have drawn attention in the eyes of many people, leading to her being criticized by President Rodrigo Duterte’s supporters for attempting to tarnish the president’s name and reputation. Coupled with the fact that the controversial senator is currently facing accusations and chargers regarding the proliferation of drugs inside the New Bilibid Prison, De Lima is currently on hot waters.

Many have expressed their opinions on De Lima’s rather questionable actions as a senator, and one to recently voice out her own point of view is Mareng Jessica who expressed her frustration and anger towards the senator.

Mareng Jessica had bitter words to say towards De Lima, stating that her commercial drama will not be effective in gaining the sympathy of the masses. She also recalled De Lima’s tenure as a secretary of the Department of Justice was a complete waste of time, with many innocent people losing their lives and never found justice.

In a video, she lashed out at the senator and criticized her with her own minced words,  citing De Lima’s numerous issues and allegations. It immediately went viral online, capturing the attention of many netizens and polarizing opinion. The video has already received thousands of views and shares on social media. Take a look right down below and see for yourself!

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source: youtube

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