Netizen’s Viral Post Online #LetterToTheVatican Pinpoints Politicking Bodies of the Filipino Church!

Although it is being diminished slowly, there are still corrupt officials who try to break the newly established governance that the President is carrying on.

One of the most prevalent examples is the lying “witness” Matobato regarding the extra judicial killings. Senators that are linked to the said incident is also known for carrying out their oblivious ways of washing hands.

This could be something that Filipinos are tired of hearing everyday, but with the Church being involved in these dirty allegations, that is something that the countrymen cannot stomach.

A viral post of a netizen on facebook gained thousands of share mainly because of the truth it contains.

She had the hashtag #lettertothevatican as she was trying to reach Pope Francis about the Filipino Church being involved in such corrupted ways of the government, with them even having the latest models of cars and are open to receive generous donations.

Even letting the media capture moments of Senator De Lima inside the church that has greatly offended many. Read her full statement and give us your thoughts.

I hope somebody writes and tells the Pope, who I believe is one of the very few, sincerely good people in the Church,…

Posted by Krizette Laureta Chu on Tuesday, October 18, 2016

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