Bizarre and Strange Love Rituals You Wouldn’t Believe Exists. Check It Out!

Some are unique, some are interesting and some are.. downright bizarre. Considering that many countries have different traditions, you will be surprised after finding out these rather shocking sexual traditions that are practiced around the world. They really do exist! Check these out!

1. Sambians Tribe – Papua, New Guinea
Young men at age 7 are separated from the females in the tribe while living with the old ones throughout the years. Their skin is pierced and scored, mainly in their noses. This is meant to emulate the menstrual cycles of their wives with their noses bleeding which makes it a bizarre tradition indeed.

2. Mardudjara Cutting Ritual – Australia
A group of men gather to perform a circumcision following their Mardudjara Aboriginal rite. The male’s manhood is reduced on the underside while the blood is used to ‘purify’ his private part that results in quite a barbaric welcome to the world of men.

3. Intercourse at a young age, Trobianders Tribe – Papua, New Guinea
A remote tribe in New Guinea has an unusual tradition in which young men and women have intercourse at 10-12 and 6-8 respectively that truly make it one of the more peculiar practices observed around the world.

4. Voodoo love rituals – Haiti
Locals in Saut d’Eau proceed to the waterfalls wherein voodoo practicioners gather and worship the Goddess of Love in mid-July. What appears to be a normal ritual turns out to be more complex than that, as animals are offered as sacrifices with their blood all over the place.

5. Spouse Sharing, the Nepalese – Himalayas
Certainly a weird tradition indeed, Nepalese brothers share the same spouse due to small land for agriculture and farming. This is called fraternal polyandry which is also practiced in other parts of the world.

6. Stealing Wives, Wodabee Tribe – Niger, West Africa
If you think sharing spouses were crazy, then how about the Wodabee tribe in West Africa stealing wives from one another?! They have a yearly Gerewol Festival where they wear make-up and lively costumes in hopes of stealing another man’s wife.

7. Public M@sturbat1on, Ancient Pharaohs – Egypt
The rich history of the ancient pharaohs of Egypt contain some interesting insights, one in which they used to m@stur.bate in public without much hesitation. Their act of self-stimulation was done in a celebration in the Nile as a means of possessing magical powers.

8. Pederasty – Ancient Greece
A relationship between an older man an a young boy was commonly the norm in ancient Greece. It was socially acknowledged affair that originated after the end of the Archaic period in Greek history.

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