Bongbong’s Camp Slams Robredo After Linking Election Protest to Ferdinand Marcos’ Burial

Bongbong’s camp spoke and expressed their disappointment in regards to the issue in which Atty. Vic Rodriguez, spokesperson of Bongbong stated that

“It is very disappointing and disconcerting that former Rep. Leni Robredo is trying to connect the issue of BBM’s [Bongbong Marcos] Election Protest to the burial of his father at the Libingan ng mga Bayani insinuating that the latter is a way of supposedly ‘stealing’ the vice presidency away from her.”

Robredo expressed her opposition against Marcos’ burial in the Heroes Cemetery, calling it “like a thief in the night” in which Bongbong’s camp responded and said “Yes indeed there was a thief in the night, and it happened on the night of the elections – shortly after the script in the Transparency Server was changed.”

During the elections, Robredo edged out Marcos by a slight margin that raised doubts in Marcos’ mind, calling it a “fraud” that Robredo won. Since then, Leni pointed out that she has concerns of being unseated from the vice president position in an “concerted effort” by a possible vote recount.Rodriguez claimed that “We have no plans of stealing something that we obviously won to begin with. It is our position that BBM won the vice presidential race and had it not been for the systematic fraud and unprecedented maneuverings committed on the day of the elections, he should have been the one proclaimed.”

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