Christian Woman Claims Jesus as Her Savior in Saudi Arabia Had Her Eyes and Mouth Sewn Shut For It

A photo of a woman has been circulating the internet and is gathering a lot of reviews from netizens. The woman was said to be an employee in Palmelkh, Saudi Arabia who claimed that Jesus is her savior.

Allegedly, because of doing so, the woman had her left eye and mouth sewn shut, ordered by the company that she was working with. Her love for Jesus Christ had infuriated those whom she work for and ordered the inhumane procedure.

The authenticity was confirmed by a Human Rights Organization by which they released the statement: “not only a reflection of the deadly Saudi Arabian Human Rights System, but a clearly flagrant violation of women’s rights.”But a website of Muslims are Not Terrorists did claim that the story behind the photo is false and was actually taken three years ago.

They even included the website where it was supposedly taken from, RYOICHI KEROPPY MAEDA that compiles photos of body modifications.
CREDITS: TheDailyPedia

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