General BATO Dela Rosa Lashes Back on Biased Media: ‘Deliver properly your reports’

In the on going war against drugs that the Philippines’ new administration is facilitating, there are a lot of discussion with the way it is being carried out.

The main issue about the said war against drugs is that of the Extra Judicial K1ll1ngs. With the Philippines being a democratic country and best known for well considerate christians and protector of human rights, the issue on the k1ll1ngs has been booming.

Being the General, Mr. Dela Rosa is being seen as one of those who are responsible for all the carried out operations.

There are news reports and articles being published left and right that is against the administration’s main plan. This has greatly disappointed General Bato Dela Rosa.

In a press conference, he did not hesitate to call on the media who has done nothing but publish the wrong side of the news.He pointed out that all they report is the small wrong doings and elaborate them greatly to make them seem like a major problem.He also stated his concern for the media, be it local or international, to report according to what is exactly happening and not what they want the people to see.

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