Bam Aquino Gives Credit to Fellow Senators Behind the FREE TUITION FEE this 2017

This has been very hard since there are a lot of people in the Philippines who cannot afford to have education. The poverty rate has drastically increased but is being controlled for thr sake of the fellow filipinos.

The senators have succesfully passed a bill that is requiring a budget of 8 Billion pesos. This multi billion project is solely alotted to the sector of education.The bill, if signed by the president, is to erase the tuition fee amongst State Colleges and Universities in the whole country, making the tertiary education more accessible to the filipino people. 1`

The senators behind this weren’t named clearly. Only a few were mentioned and senator Bam Aquino thinks that they deserve praise for bringing such a drastic development for education.

Bam revealed that Senator Panfilo Lacson is the person behind the 2017 project along with many more senators such as Legarda, Escudero, Gatchalian, Recto, Angara and many more.

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