CHED Finally Announces FREE TUITION FEE For State Universities and Colleges

The country strongly believes that within the uplifting of the education and students comes with the country being held up with them.

This has been fairly difficult considering the poverty rate in the country and the population we have. But that is being changed step by step.

Commission on Higher Education Chairperson (CHED), Patricia Licuanan and Senator Loren Legarda declared that by 2017, studying in state universities and colleges will be from tuition fees, there has been an allotted 8 Billion peso budget for the said program. This was considered enough to render the universities and colleges free for their students.It is clarified that the budget is solely for the tuition fee only. Even the University of the Philippines is included that will no longer have tuition fees.

They did not deny the fact that this indeed is very hard to implement. Realizing the number of state colleges and universities in the whole country, the 8 billion peso budget might be quite hard to manage.

Nonetheless, many people are very happy to be able to witness this huge step for the improvement of tertiary education.

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