Don’t Wash Chicken Before Cooking It! Why? Find out Here!

This means not only the utensils and surfaces, or tiles in your kitchen. You also need to learn how to prepare your stuff before you cook them. That’s also why you always wash the vegetables before setting them to the pot.

It has become a habit for you to wash chicken before putting it on the pan, but according to a research, this may cause you more harm than good. Why? Find out!

According to a recent study, we have been preparing our chicken wrong since the start of our lives. We tend to clean and wash the bird before cooking.

Some only care about the proper way to eat a chicken but do you know that there’s a right way to prepare it?

Food Poisoning?
Do you know that raw chicken is actually covered with salmonella and campylobacter – these are harmful bacteria that can cause dangerous diseases.

We haven’t been told the entire truth though! This can actually cause food poisoning as we scatter the bacteria all over the chicken when we wash them.

The running water spreads the germs all over the chicken. Researcher Jennifer Quinlan from Drexel University is an expert in the study of chickens. Their research was funded by the US Agriculture Department and the results revealed a lot of surprising findings!

One fof which is the fact that washing raw chicken does not kill any bacteria! In fact, recipes demanding it to be washed are all wrong! They should be patted dry. Now, what do you need to do as substitute? Here’s how!

If you want to clean it, use a disposable paper to wipe the chicken, or just cook it as is and let the boiling do the killing.
Aside from that, make sure you wash your utensils with disinfectant liquid soap after using. Keep your hands clean by washing them thoroughly.So, what do you think about this? Will you wash your raw chicken or just leave it be? Share us your insights below!
SOURCE: WittyFeed

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