Liza Soberano And Maine Mendoza Clashed In Fomo Daily’s FTW Challenge! MUST WATCH!

FTW Challenge is a show where six Americans compare and judge two celebrities in 3 rounds. Particularly, their Instagram Account, TV Commercial appearances and their breakthrough movie.
The first round goes to Maine Mendoza, for they think that Maine Mendoza’s IG posts are really cute and is like a “real person” and they feel most connected into that. However, the same cannot be said on Liza Soberano.
They said Liza is really beautiful but her IG post are more like “ad-invested” and that they believe that she doesn’t have to advertise herself too much.
On the second round, the Americans judged Maine and Liza’s TV commercial appearances on the product Nescafe. Maine and Alden Richards’ vibes were loved by the judges and said it was sophisticated and glamourous. On the other hand, they find Liza’s ads very charming. However, Maine Mendoza takes the round, with her leading in 2-0.

And for the final round, Liza and Maine needs to win the judges hearts by the appeal of their movies trailers. Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards’ “Imagine You & Me” vs Liza Soberano, Enrique Gil and Gerald Anderson’s “Everyday, I Love You.”
The judges had a hard time picking between the two, but in the end Maine Mendoza takes the crown and won the FTW Challenge with a 3-0 lead against Liza Soberano.

Some fans were displeased by the decision and some even said that the decision was biased.

Watch the said below and you’ll be the judge.Source: Fomo Daily / EliteNewsFeed

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