OFW Devastated For Losing All Her Money and Jewelry that His Online Boyfriend Stole!

OFWs endure the great distance between them and their families in order to provide them a good future. OFWs are well commended for this sacrifice of theirs and not to mention the risk of having a false employer or an employer that does not treat them good.

There are a lot of risks to make to become an overseas worker yet our OFWs take them without hesitation.

This is a story about an OFW who had lost everything that she worked hard for onky after a night. She did not gamble nor lost it accidentally, it was stolen from her, by that someone whom she calls her boyfriend.She and her supposedly boyfriend only met online. The OFW was struck by the arrow of cupid and was very excited that they will finally meet soon at a hotel and have time for themselves.A lot if netizens expressed their sadness towards the broken hearted OFW. She was found crying outside her hotel after she had discovered that all her savings, belongings and jewelry had gone along with her boyfriend.

The OFW was indeed devastated after the incident and does not know how to start from there. Trusting someone you met online is definitely a dangerous game.

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