Russian Ambassador Assassinated In Front of Viewers

He was in amidst of a speech in a gallery when he was shot. His assailant was an off duty turkish police man who was supposed to be the one to protect him but a few minutes into his speech, the police man shot him in the back several times and shouted “Don’t forget Aleppo! Don’t forget Syria!”
There were six people detained that included the assailant’s mother, father, sister and other relatives. According to a newsreporter that was present in the scene, the attacker, after shooting Karlov, went closer to shoot him again in a closer range. He also destroyed a few of those paintings and photographs at the exhibit.
The attacker was said to be hugely upset about the ties between Russia and Turkey. A gunfight was reported during the scene and at least three were wounded. The russian president Vladimir Putin and Tayyir Erdogan spoke by the phone regarding the attack. 
“On behalf of my country and my people I once again extend my condolences to Russian President Vladimir Putin and the friendly Russian people,” said Erdogan. 
The russian president made his statement about the attack. 

“The crime that has been committed is undoubtedly a provocation aimed at derailing the ties between Russia and Turkey, as well as the peace process in Syria,” said Putin from Moscow. “There is only one possible response to this – the strengthening of the fight against terror, and the bandits will feel it themselves.”
The attacker said the issue regarding Aleppo by which Turkey and Russia will discuss about, including Syria. The gunman said 
“We are the descendants of those who supported the Prophet Muhammad, for jihad.”
The talk will still come forth on tuesday despite the fall of the Russian ambassador.

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