Sebastian Duterte About His Father’s current Issues: ‘They say he will declare martial law. That he is a killer.’

President Rodrigo Duterte, up until now, is still the subject of interest when it comes to extra judicial killings and dictatorship. A handful of fellowmen would surely say that Duterte’s reign will soon enough close into a dictatorship or if not, another term for filipinos to experience martial law for the second time.

The president’s strict compliance to his promise that he will eradicate the drug addicts, pushers and drug lords in the Philippines is what concern the authorities for human rights.

This sparked a lot of investigations of whether or not did the president really did participate in the extra judicial killings. And with all of these out of control, people say that the president will soon commence martial law in attempt to control the filipino people.

This was strongly disagreed upon by his son, Sebastian Duterte. In an interview, he cited what his father was like even when he was still small.Sebastian said that his father has always taught him to share to others what good thing he has to himself and that they would usually bring toys to the unfortunate children during christmas.

Sebastian truly believes that his father became president not because he wanted to but because his father needed to deliver a message to the Philippines that we, could also take the lead.

My dad did not run since he needs to be the president. He ran since he needs to send us Filipinos a message, that there could be a superior tomorrow for every one of us.”

Sebastian also stated that he was thought by his father to treat everybody with equivalent admiration since he was little and will always find him as a role model despite of his sometimes foul mouth.

Source: DU30Today

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