See Those Half-Moon Marks on Your Nails? You’ll Be Surprised to Find Out What They Really Are!

What is Lunula?
Lunila is that half-moon mark that can be seen on your nails. They emerge from your skin and is at the root part of your nail. Lunula can be visibly seen through your thumb nail, with smaller sizes proportional to your other fingers.

Lunula and Your Health
According to the Chinese, the lunula says a lot about your health. They also employ various medical treatments basing from your lunula. There are changes and disappearances in your lunula when your health is at risk. Likewise, when you’re back in shape, the lunula will also be in good condition.According to studies, bluish or pale lunula might imply diabetes while lack of it can point to anemia or malnutrition. Red smudges on your lunula can denote heart disease.

You have a healthy body if you can see eight to ten milky white lunula on your finger nails. Another indication that you have a healthy body is if the lunula takes 20% of your nail. Lastly, the whiter, the better. Your lunula should be ivory in color. This indicates that you have good health and strong body.

Thus, according to the Chinese, a person with lesser lunula possesses low energy and poor health. They regard them as people with low resistance to health risks. Most people lacking lunula feels tired. For people whose lunula only appears in the thumb, this implies low physical energy and that a disease is coming your way.

Additionally, when a person restores his health, the crescent moon will suddenly appear again. Watch this documentary for more information:

So, have you checked your lunula? You may want to do so now and consult a doctor right away! Share us your comments below!

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