Too Much Kangkong Can Kill You! Why? Find out here!

However, recent studies say that kangkong can kill you any moment. Read on!

Known as a superfood, kangkong or more popularly known as water spinach, is actually part of the noxious weed family. Kangkong is best sauteed with soy sauce but can also be added to the mix of Siningang. Pinoys also love it stir fried!

Unfortunately, it being a noxious weed means that these are plants identified by agriculture authorities as those that can be detrimental to crops, humans, livestocks and natural habitats. 

According to reseatch, noxious weeds suddenly grown in an ecosystem by accident. They are wild plants that are nurtured through ignorance and mismanagement.Commonly, they grow wild and are able to reproduce themselves fast. They grow uncontrollably and provide various side effects when ingested.

Kangkong – What You Should Know

BE aware with the food you eat as you may end up having fasciolopiasis. This condition results from the large parasitic intestinal organism Fasciolopsis buski. They can be acquired from larval cysts which are always in contact with kangkong and other water vegetables.

For pigs and humans, these larval cysts produce flukes which clings itself to the intestinal walls of our body resulting to allergic reaction, pain the abdomen and indigestion.

If not treated, this can cause death. That is why you should boil your leafy vegetables first before eating!
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