BEWARE! Market Is Now in Production of FAKE RICE And This Is How To Identify Them!

Fake phones, fake jewelries, fake clothing, fake gadgets and now even rice! They were also related into making fake eggs and cabbages! How do they even do that?

It seems like these chinese factories do not care at all about the health of their consumers. They will do what it takes to earn millions even at the price of their customer’s health.

Fake rice is made with sweet potatoes mixed with a lot of synthetic products such as resin. They are being mixed with real rice by which the fake ones outnumber them. In about 10 million tons of rice that China produces and exports, 9 million of them are fake!So how do you distinguish them? 

  • Float test. Put a small amount of rice into water and see if they float. Real rice would sink to the bottom and only few afloat because of weight. If majority of them floats, that’s probably fake. 
  • Cook test. Fake rice does not change its texture even when cooked. They are still hard compared to real rice that turns into soft ones. 
  • Fire test. Light a few on fire. Obvioisly, real rice shouldn’t be flammable at all. 
  • Hot oil test. Fake rice would definitely melt off when exposed to hot oil. 
  • Fungus test. Real rice will develop fungus in them while fungus wouldn’t deal with a fake rice. 

Would you even dare try to eat China rice? What would you do if you encounter one?

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