WATCH: President Duterte Threatens Those Who Plans Kudeta!

A handful of filipino people are still not used to Duterte’s way of guiding the Philippines into excellence. Even a few of the politicians weren’t used to the new way of the administration. Some are vocal about it yet some are lowkey planning their steps to have the President out of office.

Amidst all of the efforts he tend to give, a lot of people are very resistant to change. The President himself, although not perfectly doing his job yet, has set his goals to meet for his motherland. And it is obvious that for a man such as the president, he would stop at nothing to bring his country at a progressive state.

He sent out a message for those who plan to conduct coup d’etat while he is in position. The President himself said that for those who will try to stop him from leading his country would see what he would do and give them a bloody nose.He explained how he sees being in position as his destiny to fulfill and steer the country where he sees it best. Whoever they are that would be happy to see him in office, he would gladly open the door for them. The President is indeed unstoppable from giving his motherland the kind of ruler he thinks she deserves.

President Duterte on those plotting his ouster: I'll give you a good fight, I'll give you a bloody nose

Posted by CNN Philippines on Wednesday, December 28, 2016

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