Duterte Responds to Dilawans Filing a Case Against Him at the International Criminal Court. Here is What He Has to Say!

Along with his attorney Jude Sabio, Matobato is headed to The Netherlands to file the case, accusing Duterte of ‘crimes against humanity’ for allegedly being responsible for the numerous extrajudicial killings in Davao City.

According to Sabio, Matobato has received an outpouring support from many individuals to pursue filing the case against the president. And despite it gaining ground, it appears that Duterte isn’t too fazed by Matobato’s attempts.

In a speech given by Duterte last Saturday, the president addressed the attempts of the ‘Dilawans’ to file a case against him at the ICC which left everyone totally shocked.

Pro-Duterte supporters stood by him and expressed their support in his administration, especially his battle against drugs. Duterte shrugged off the concerted attacks of his opposition and his response was truly exact and direct.

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Source: youtube

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