Netizen Shares Touching Message About Respecting Gay People. Take a Look!

A certain netizen on Facebook caught the attention of many online users after sharing a post on his timeline about respecting gay people. Jan Ren Galarion Arizapa empowered the LGBT community with his touching words written in captions that quickly went viral on social media.

He said that gay people are meant to be treated with the same love, respect and acceptance just like normal individuals. The usually jolly and lighthearted natures of gay people are not at all free from criticism. Some are mocked and ridiculed while others are teased into total humiliation. But despite that, they press forward with eyes and hearts open to the possibility that the community would hopefully view them as human beings. His post warranted attention and quickly skyrocketed on social media, eventually reaching the LGBT community and granted them inspiration with his words. Many netizens praised him as well for fighting for the rights of gay people and for seeking equality in a world full of judgement and criticism.

In a world where humans are divided by many aspects, fulfilling the goal of gender equality will allow us as human beings to connect closer with each other and embrace our differences to enjoy similar rights and obligations in all facets of life to reach our potential to its fullest. And that is something Jan Ren is inching closer to achieve. Take a look at his post below and see for yourself!

Source: Facebook

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