Pres. Duterte Apologizes to VP Robredo After Failing to Mention Her Name in His Speech

The apology came after Duterte said that Robredo’s name wasn’t listed in the beginning of his speech in which he gave for the graduating 2017 class of the PMA Salaknib. According to Duterte, his speechwriter did not include the vice president’s name among the government officials who were present in the graduation.

 Duterte then went on to apologize to Robredo and duly acknowledged her presence. The president also jokingly said that he would beat up his speechwriter for not including Robredo which promptly made everyone laugh as well as Robredo herself.

The video received hundreds of thousands of views online after being uploaded by News5. Take a look right down below and see for yourself!

LOOK | Pres. Duterte, nag-sorry kay VP Robredo dahil hindi nakalagay ang kanyang pangalan sa talumpati ng Pangulo
Posted by News5 on Saturday, March 11, 2017

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source:  pinoythinking

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