This Man Was Abandoned by His Parents Because of His Condition. What Happened Next Will Truly Shock You!

The boy whose name is Jono was adopted by a woman named Jean Lancaster after he was dumped to social services by his parents.

Jono grew up bearing the congenital disorder and struggled to get along with other boys and girls mainly due to his appearance. School wasn’t easy as he was constantly avoided by his classmates, often closing their eyes and running away every time they see him. He said “They’d pull their eyes down, or run away, yelling that they’d catch my disease. I’d ask Jean why they did that, and she’d cry. Then I felt guilty that I’d made my mom cry.”

Still, despite the hardships Jono is considered to be lucky because normally his condition calls for multiple surgeries to bear the syndrome which fortunately, he didn’t undergo. This only furthered Jono’s resolve as he carries an optimistic mindset by believing in himself that led to his success today.

Now an inspirational teacher, Jono attempts to inspire everyone who has Treacher Collins, empowering his will onto them and motivate them in life. He said “I’ve had to be positive throughout my whole entire life. Everybody just looks at me and underestimates me, and I’ve always had to prove people wrong.” and sure enough, he just did.

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