This Young Couple Went Viral on Social Media and Left Many People in Shock. Find Out Why!

The two celebrated their 8th monthsary together, with Irish sharing a photo on her Facebook account that either blessed or cursed the timelines of many netizens. Clearly the long, tear-inducing caption meant that she’s deeply in love despite the fact that they look more like siblings together than a couple based on the picture.

Such relationships merit attention in the eyes of many netizens who had mixed emotions upon seeing the post. Some were flabbergasted to the point of disbelief, while others were left dumbfounded at the sight of a 12-year old kid having a relationship with a girl who appears to be way out of his league. But despite that, love has proven us time and again that it works in mysterious ways. Very, very mysterious ways… What matters is, these two youngin’s are sweethearts at best and are happily in love. And that’s what we all want, right? #Zairish may be a thing now.

Take a look at the photo right down below and see for yourself!

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Source: facebook

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