WATCH: Bebe boy Contestant Shocked After Seeing His Ex-Girlfriend in It’s Showtime

Little did he know that his ex was watching at the audience area and that set them up for a rare confession of feelings after their split. Sena had no idea that Kym was joining the contest, leading many to believe that it was fate that brought them together to see each other again.

It was later revealed that Sena already has a new boyfriend after being asked by Vice Ganda. From the looks of it, the two have separated on good terms, seeing that they are okay with meeting again and that they harbor no bitter feelings towards each other.

And while Kym chose to be single after the split, he said he enjoys pursuing his passions in life such as dancing while also taking his priorities into consideration.
Vice Ganda requested the two of them to say something to each other, and Kym said that he’s happy for Sena and her boyfriend and wishes both of them well. Sena, on the other hand is also happy that Kym is pursuing his passions,
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SOURCE: youtube

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