Woman Gets Beaten Up By Her Boyfriend

Women in particular suffer more when their boyfriends lash out at them uncontrollably when they are under the influence of substance abuse or alcohol.

This woman had enough of all the beating she took from her partner and opened up a long Facebook post to share what she’s been through. Netizen Sarah Chie Tejada reminded all women out there to stand up for themselves and never allow their boyfriends to hurt them in any way.

She suffered bruises and scars in multiple parts of her body, evident in the photos she shared in her post. Her phone was also broken by her boyfriend which effectively enraged many netizens after her post went viral on social media.

Many have said that Sarah should report her partner to the police authorities for physically abusing her. The post gathered thousands of shares and reactions from many people and drew ire in the eyes of many.

Hopefully this serves as a reminder to all people to never allow your partner to harm or abuse you in any way.

Sorry pero kailangan ko tong gawin. Kahit ito lang! Sa lahat ng babae dyan, wag na wag kayo papabugbog sa mga boyfriend…
Posted by Sarah Chie Tejada on Thursday, March 9, 2017

source: facebook

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