15 Manila Police Officers Caught Sleeping While On Duty

However, National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) has recently revealed photos of fifteen policemen of the Gagalangin Police Community Precinct (PCP) in Tondo, Manila where they were caught sleeping.

The photos were according to ABS-CBN News Report, was taken by an unnamed complainant which was neglected and allegedly scolded by the sleeping police officers.

It was on August 23, 2017, where the complainant went to see police officers to report his motorcycle being stolen. But instead of getting any help, the complainant was instead neglected and scolded for disturbing their sleep.

The 15 policemen caught sleeping were dismissed to their posts and identified as:

1. PCP Commander PSINSP Anthony Co
2. PO3 Nelson DG. Geronimo
3. PO3 Avelino T. Guibao Jr
4. PO3 Geronimo M. Ramo
5. PO2 Carlito V. Dela Cruz
6. PO1 Percival F. Doroja
7. PO1 Aladin P. Arguelles
8. PO1 Arnold S. Regala
9. PO1 Cathlyn C. Cauan
10. PO1 Joe Ronie A. Obillo
11. PO1 Romeo M. Balagtas Jr
12. PO1 Carlo L. Farmis
13. PO1 Janette G. Banatao
14. PO1 Leo Dave A. Legaspi
15. PO1 Beatriz R. Danguilan
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