Abandoned By His Own Parents, This Pinoy Street Kid Is Now A Successful Scientist In The U.S And Even Drives A Porsche

Fernando Kuehnel, who is now living the American dream who’s owning such fancy cars a fine home and even a loving family shared his story on ABS-CBN News’ special segment Balitang America.

According to him, He and his 2 brothers were left by their biological parents in the streets of Project 8, Quezon City for unknown reasons Fernando is clueless up to this day.

They were later moved to an orphanage which according to Fernando their life gets even more hard as they are getting bullied and with stuff being put on their eyes and lips when they wake up.

“They do things like that or they put hot pepper on your eye when you wake up, or your lips or your t*t* (sex organ).”

At the age of 10, Fernando was able to escape the orphanage and lived the life of a street kid, where he scavenges food from the trash and find spots to sleep.

At age 13, Fernando returned to the orphanage upon knowing that his brothers are going to get adopted.

“So, they were gonna be adopted, just the two of them, and then one kid ran away from the orphanage looked for me, he said: Your brothers [are] gonna go and get adopted, so better go back, so I went back… I’m not stupid, right? I came back,” he said.

However, things didn’t work out as their foster-parents returned them to the orphanage.

But things changed afterwards when the Kuehnels family decided to adopt them, took them to the US and treated them like their own children and even provided them an education at some public school.

He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in nursing and a summa cum laude in business administration in healthcare. He now works for Novartis – A pharmaceutical company based in North America, as a clinical scientist.

The former street-kid now owns luxurious cars such as Porsche Carrera and Mercedes Benz. He currently lives in Dania Beach, Florida with his wife and kids, and even published a book based in his life story titled, “My Third Parents.”

Source: Inside Readers

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