Infuriated Woman Confronts Ambulance Driver for Disrespecting Her During an Emergency Situation

Ambulance drivers have the most critical job to work on, they are entrusted to be able to navigate busy streets safely and quickly, without endangering the public and the patient whom need be transported. This is why when it comes to emergency situations, ambulances are immediately granted the rights to take over the road.

However, recently, an ambulance driver shared his experience after a certain woman who provoked him after being accused of disrespecting her while they were on an emergency situation.

According to the exchange of words, the woman seemed to attempt to overtake the ambulance after not seeing signs nor’ hearing any emergency alarm sound. She also admitted that she was enraged after being pointed to angrily by the driver.

The driver defends himself and explains that the blinker was still on but the alarms were turned off since they were already near the hospital. He also clarified that he isn’t pointing to her but the car instead as a signal to move back and give way to the ambulance.

The driver also explains that he isn’t mad but was pressured as they were in a hurry because their child-patient is on the verge of losing his life and needs to be transported at the hospital immediately.

However, this did not satisfy the woman and asks that they settle the issue to the admin of the hospital to make amends, and even requested to take a selfie with him to prove her point that what the driver did was wrong.

The video of the incident earned thousands of reactions and shares from the netizens. What the woman did garnered a lot of opinions where most criticized her for lacking of road knowledge and not being mindful to emergency situations.

The footage of the incident blew up on Facebook and gathered thousands of reactions and shares from many netizens. They critiqued the woman and bombarded her for her lack of road knowledge as well as not being mindful of the emergency situation.

Sources: Facebook | Primaread

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