Isang Anak Minura Ang Kanyang OFW Na Ina! Ang Rason Kung Bakit Niya Ginawa Ito Ay Talagang Mapapagalit Ka!

Being employed abroad is not an easy decision to make. OFWs are known to sacrifice their own good and endure great distance between them and their families in order to provide them a good future.

Family members of an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) would show great appreciation and showcase their love towards them. However, not for this OFW who just missed a day on sending a remittance to her son, receives words that she couldn’t even believe.

She received curses and treated immorally for just missing to send the money her son is expecting to pay his bills on a shop. It was because her employer did not allowed her to go out during that day.

Despite the words she received from her son, she even express how she cried after her son foul-mouthed her and admits to endure working in abroad.

What’s more hurtful is her son didn’t even greeted her a Happy Mother’s Day!

What can you say about the son’s actions? Drop your thoughts on the comments section below!
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