Janine Gutierrez Nasilipan Sa Isang Waterpark Sa Thailand!

The said show was first hosted by Pekto and Carmina, then followed by Isabel Oli, Bela Padilla, Julie Anne San Jose and now with Janine Gutierrez and Ken Chan.

On Gutierrez’ Instagram accont, she posted a couple of videos featuring her reaction as she tried the slides of some water park in Thailand.

“One of the scariest rides EVER!!!!! The Goop Loop – you enter a capsule with a trap door that releases under your feet and then it’s a 40 foot free fall with 2.5 Gs in less than 2 seconds. In short – ANG LALA,” she wrote.There is also a video on her Instagram page where she could be seen hesitating to get into the slide where she even wrote “BEFORE jumping 😂😂😂😂 May 5 minute video na pinapatalon lang nila ako hahahaha sorry nalang sa mga nakapila sa ride 😂 palusot #1: “I need to pee” #JanineDayOffJobs” in her caption.

However, upon reaching the bottom part of the slide, people notices that her swimsuit has somehow slipped, making her suffer from a minor wardrobe malfunction. People have noticed that her breasts somehow showed off while she was laughing at the bottom part of the slide!

But still, the issue regarding this was never brought up wherein people said that they saw nothing but a happy Janine!CREDITS: ManilaReaders

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