Nadine Lustre’s 16-year-old Brother Allegedly Commits Suicide

Nadine Lustre, A Filipina pop-star and actress earns her popularity on the movie ‘Diary ng Panget’ where she played the lead role as Georgina Evangelista the film was based on the best-selling novel of the same name written and published on Wattpad.

The 23-year-old actress was also a member and vocalist of the all-female group launched by Viva Entertainment, Pop Girls in 2015. She also won the “Favorite Pinoy Star” in the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards as well as earning the title of being the Sexiest Woman in the Philippines by FHM both in the year 2017.

However, she is also known to be one of the most controversial figures in local show business industry regarding her situation with James Reid and has received a plethora of bashes from haters.
Bashers and haters now might have to rest and silence themselves after what happened to the actress’ teen brother.

According to reports online, PO3 Elario Wanawan of QCPD-Criminal Investigation and Detection Unit said that a bloodied Isaiah Paguia Lustre, 16, High School student, was found inside his own room with self-inflicted gunshot wound on the head.

Lustre on Sunday, shared a cryptic message in black and white on her Facebook page, the first post is a picture of a semi-colon and has the hashtag of “#KeepGoing.” The second post says, “But changing of winds, and the way waters flow life as short as the falling of snow and now I’m gonna miss you I know.” The post was also seen to be shared by his real-life boyfriend James Reid on his account as well.

According to website Journal, Nadine’s siblings Ezekiel and Naomi were busy playing with their tablets when they heard two gunshots at around 7:45 pm from Isaiah’s room.

When they checked his room, they found him lying on the floor filled with blood. They then sought the help of their neighbors, who brought him to the Pacific Medical Center.

According to his family, Nadine’s brother didn’t have to be any problems nor suffered depressions. But they noticed that for the past weeks, he was silent and would also locked himself in his room constantly.

His father, Ulysses also refused to let the authorities investigate the death of his son more, after being convinced on his son committed suicide.

Sources: Journal, Inside Readers

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